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Name:HP Unfaithful
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Welcome to [community profile] hp_unfaithful!

Do you like to see Draco getting back together with Astoria behind Harry's back? Snape carrying on with Lucius while Harry's competing for the World Cup? Lily getting a bit on the side with Sirius while promising to marry James? Bill looking to Remus for some rough werewolf tumbling while Fleur is at the shop? Hermione continuing to write love letters to Viktor long after she's married Ron? Tonks seeking more from Molly than just 'tea and sympathy'?

This is the community for you - where all those pesky canon marriages, long-cherished fanon pairings, and any other fanon relationships, get turned on their head.

What is permitted here?
This is the place for infidelity-themed fic and art for the Harry Potter fandom. We welcome het, slash, femslash, and genfic (ie: a character dealing with infidelity in a piece that is not about the pairing or sex). The couples involved in the infidelity can be canon pairings like Molly/Arthur, or fanon pairings like Harry/Draco. As long as there is an established relationship that is being violated, you're good to go! Please bear in mind that the work should focus on infidelity as a central theme; infidelity should not be merely incidental to the work.

Pieces may be any rating, including NC-17. Pieces may include any theme, including underage, incest, etc., but remember to warn appropriately. The community is set to 'Explicit Adult Concepts' according to LJ's policies, so you don't need to lock your post unless you want to.

We also welcome graphics or icons, discussion or meta posts, or recs posts about infidelity in HP fic or art.

So, I have to deal with the characters' trauma? What if I think infidelity is hilarious and cracky?
Knock yourself out. All genres are welcome, from anguished trauma and angst to cracked-out humour to something in between. As long as it is about infidelity, you're free to handle the theme as you wish.

What is not permitted here?
No advertisements without mod permission, ie: for other comms' fests, RPGs, betas, conference panels, etc.

No fic, art, graphics, meta or recs that don't deal significantly with the theme of infidelity. Use your judgement, and if in doubt about the appropriateness of your content, ask the mods.

Regarding threesome or polyamory fic/art, use your judgement. Generally, we see infidelity as a breach of trust of some sort. If the 'cheating' is part of a consensual multi-person relationship... it's not really cheating. But if you think your polyamory piece fits the comm (ie: explores jealousy issues, perhaps), then you may post it.

I think infidelity is horrible and traumatising. How dare you encourage it?!
Settle down. We here at [community profile] hp_unfaithful draw a very clear distinction between fiction and reality. For our purposes, the posts here are dealing with a fictional topic within the Potterverse. If this theme bothers you in fiction, avoid the comm. Flaming comments will not be tolerated: they will be deleted and the user will be banned.

How to post:
All posts should contain headers like this:

Place all fic, art, graphics and meta under an LJ cut. You may post your piece directly to the comm, or link back to your personal journal.

Please use the community tags and tag your posts: [established: pairing] and [infidelity: pairing]. If you can't find the right tag, we'll add it for you.

Past Challenge Masterlists:
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Looking for inspiration?
Check out our lists of prompts from previous challenges:
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Many of them went unclaimed, and even if they were claimed, it's been literally 8 years since some of these fests! Feel free to use them as inspiration for your infidelity-themed fic or art. Credit to the comm would be nice, but otherwise, they are open for taking.

Got an idea for us for a monthly challenge? Leave it in our Suggestion Box!

Other Resources for Infidelity-themed Fic and Art:
'Adultery' tag at [ profile] pervy_werewolf (LJ comm now locked)
'Adultery' tag at [ profile] pervy_werewolf (public)
'Adultery' tag at [ profile] daily_deviant (LJ comm now locked)
'Adultery' tag at [ profile] daily_deviant (public)
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The Snarry Reader: A Touch of Infidelity

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